We love working with Brainiac Web Designs. Doug helped us create a user friendly, mobile friendly, easily-maintained site and responds quickly to any questions or issues we may have.

Cheryl McGraw // Eastern Ohio & Western Reserve Associations

Doug Weil has been an exceptional affiliate and subject matter expert at web design. His support branches out to many of business characteristics of my Health facility (e.g. description, marketing, distribution, etc.). His theory and layout make it easy for myself, colleagues, members and interested customer (potential) customers to surf the site and view products, services and concept to be shared by “Integrated Vitality”.


It has been an awesome experience and certain that efficiency and proficiency will continue to establish sound sustainment of our relationship and my business.


Thanks Doug!

Rodrigo Vasquez // Integrated Vitality

I am Coach Robinson, and I am the owner of Bay County Sports Club. When I first went to Brainiac Web Designs to build my website it took Doug no time at all to get straight to work. He was constantly emailing me with great ideas that I had never even thought of, and I can honestly say without him my business would not be even close to as marketable as it is now.

Doug was available 24/7 to help me with any questions that I had, and any changes that I asked him to make for me were done practically as soon as I asked him. Outside of building an incredibly professional looking website, Doug is highly qualified in the areas of SEO, Facebook advertising, and cross platform marketing.

He offered me help and advice far outside of what I asked him and was always in a great mood and happy to work with me. Doug took my ideas and turned them in to a reality. Thank you to Doug and Brainiac Web Designs for all you did for me.

Coach Robinson // Bay County Sports Club

I love Doug of BrainiacWebDesigns, he is amazing, he is my new website guy!

I contacted him when my customers couldn’t access anything but the first page of my website because their menu buttons wouldn’t work from their phone.  This was a big problem and I am so happy I finally took the plunge and contacted Doug!

He was so prompt and he took care of it right away for me!

Thank you Doug, I am going to tell everyone to use you for any web work they may need!

Mary Sliwinski // ButterCup Puppies

As we were searching for someone to help us design a new website, Brainiac Web Designs was highly recommended to us, and we have not been disappointed. Doug Weil has been a pleasure to work with. Doug worked quickly and efficiently, responded immediately to any requests, and was easy to work with through all of the various edits we made. He was patient, straightforward and honest; if he thought something we wanted to try was not in our best interest he told us. We are pleased with our new website, which has an updated look and is interactive in a way that our previous website was not. We gladly recommend Brainiac Web Designs.

Joan // Trinity United Church of Christ

A huge thank you to Doug at Brainiac; Doug did a wonderful job in helping us give our old website a makeover.

We are very excited in having our new site launched any day now! We were new in the area, and did not know anyone that we could trust to help with this task, we were lucky to find Doug.

So if you have been putting off making or re-refreshing your website I highly recommend that you give Doug a call 330-734-9750 and let him do what he does best!

Marian // Copley Design Landscape Architecture

We want to give a big thanks to Brainiac Web Designs for doing an awesome job on our website (www.Flashitllc.com).

We know it wasn’t an easy task but you were able to create exactly want we needed!

Brandon // Flash It LLC

Doug did a great job on multiple websites for us. He performed photography as well as design/development. His photos were clean & neat with exactly the proper amount of lighting. He’s was easy to work with and responsive to our needs. Very good value for your money!!!

Dan // 1 Foot Farm

I paid Doug to come over to my house and give me lessons on web design. They were very helpful and very descriptive as to what everything entailed. I highly recommend Brainiac Web Design for anyone looking to get into the industry.

Sean // Private Lessons

Big thanks to Doug for doing an AWESOME job on our website,
and getting it done so quickly! Your honesty and dedication to making it look its best is very much appreciated.

The amount of knowledge and skills Doug has makes the process simple and leaves you at ease. We can’t wait to start our next website with Brainiac Web Designs!

Emily // Ohio Commercial Roofing

Doug with Brainiac Web Designs was so helpful in getting my photography website fixed, updated and running greater than it ever has before. I was sure it couldn’t be fixed but he knew just what to do and had it back up and going in record time! I am so thankful for his expertise! I highly recommend Brainiac Web Designs for all of your website needs!

Krista // Krista Brown Photography

My name is Ben, and I am the owner of Brownstone & Webb. I would like to thank the web design team at Brainiac Web Designs for the work they did for us. Not only were they completely flexible with our working schedule and completely prompt to our requests, but their work was creative as well as innovative.

Having Brainiac Web Designs develop, build, and design our website has vastly improved our business pipeline. Specifically, we signed four new contracts the week after launching our website! The work the web design team did has allowed us to reach our clientele in a much more accessible way. Now we can introduce our product in a virtual environment to a multitude of clients in a matter of seconds; instead of cold calling businesses. This has enabled us to exponentially increase our community outreach.

Besides their promptness, their creative and inclusive technological know how has helped us launch our business, allowing us to grow immensely. All of this is not to mention their knowledge of social media marketing / SMM, which was used to increase our online visibility. I will most definitely recommend the Brainiac Web Design team to any person or business owner I come across. Thank you again!

Ben // Brownstone & Webb

Doug and his web design team had their work cut out for them when I called his office to have them help me spruce up my website. The web designers were quick and thorough, and made things very easy for me to take over once they had finished the initial job. They put in a lot of effort to make sure the website was exactly what I wanted, and they succeeded. I can’t thank Brainiac Web Designs enough!

Michelle // MichelleMaloney.com

Signing on with Brainiac Web Designs was one of the best business decisions I ever made. I told their web design team what I was looking for in my website, and with in a few days I was presented with the perfect product. The service at Brainiac Web Designs was professional, and the web design team was easy to work with, which was great because I don’t know very much about websites and graphic design. Whenever I needed my website updated or a change made, my web designer was always very fast to accommodate. We will continue to be a Brainiac Web Designs customer.

Christian // Tussey And Associates

Doug and the web design team at Brainiac Web Designs are amazing to work with. They are always prompt in replying to my requests, and get updates to my website completed in a timely fashion. I can’t recommend the web designers at Brainiac Web Designs more highly.

Kathy // 216TV

The tech support at Brainiac Web Designs is top-notch. No matter how often questions or problems arise I can contact Doug who patiently and thoroughly walks me through everything over the phone. His expertise makes it simple and easy. His across-the-board knowledge of web design has proven invaluable to me.

Leesa // Kangaroo Palace

I am so thankful that I found Brainiac Web Designs! I love the website that their web design team created for my business! The website is aesthetically pleasing and very easy to navigate. Doug and his web design team were so easy to work with, and they even gave me lessons on how to make simple changes to the website so that I could update it on my own. The web design team at Brainiac Web Designs was a pleasure to work with and very impressive!

Lisa // Hennessy Funeral Home

Doug did such an amazing job helping us get our website all set up and running. Anytime, including nights and weekends, that I have need to reach out to him, he has responded immediately. And anyone that is a small business owner knows how important that is. Such a wonderful guy! Brainiac Web Designs is a truly a 5 star business!

Elaine // The Lord’s Prayer Journal

I want to thank you for your dedication to helping veterans connect. With your knowledge, you’ve helped many form bonds that will never break. Without veterans and professionals like yourself, veterans would not have inspiration to have business’ of their own. Any client will be a client for life. You’re great and any company with your leadership will thrive! God Bless!

Jenni // RealVets.com Member

I wanted to thank you for developing www Realvets.com

This site helped me reconnect to people I served with and connect with fellow veterans that I never knew. We all use it as a tool to help us cope with the issues we have and to support one another through hard times. Real Vets alone, literally was responsible for assisting would be suicide victims get the proper help and care. It saved lives.

It was also safe and secure enough to be used as a vetting and verification tool for numerous veteran groups on Facebook.

Thank you!

Eric // RealVets.com Member

We Care About Our Clients!

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We aim to keep our website as up to date, secure, responsive, and beautiful as possible, to ensure that your business a success and that you the client stays happy!

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