Let Us Be Your Search Engine Experts!

search-engine-expertsAs search engine experts, we can tell you that since Google has unleashed their newest major algorithm update, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), now goes hand in hand with a responsive design.

You really shouldn’t have one without the other, and speaking frankly, they are both necessary for all websites in today’s day in age.

The search engine experts at Brainiac Web Designs only practice the highest quality, white hat SEO methods!

When you purchase an SEO package from our search engine experts, you are not paying a price, you are making an investment in your company. Proper SEO structuring has the potential for a massive return on investment.

Search engine optimization is not a simple or easy task. Google ranks websites based on more than 200 separate criteria – and tweaks the algorithm constantly, up to 600 times a year. This means that keeping up with your SEO and analyzing your analytics is very important part of running a successful SEO campaign. Let our search engine experts help!

Your website is the first contact your business has with potential clients. It can generate leads, qualify prospects, and attract potential customers, partners, or investors. It needs to be professional, responsive, and beautiful.

But unless people can find it, your beautiful website may as well look like it’s from 1998. SEO plays an invaluable role here. Our search engine experts build SEO strong, content driven, keyword dense webpages that are appealing to the eye, and able to be found by search engines!

SEO can be effective in the short term, and that’s the primary appeal of SEO to certain types of business owners. But more importantly, SEO has one major advantage over other marketing methods with a short term focus, it delivers an ongoing return on investment over the long term.

While pay per click (PPC) and other similar advertising methods are quick at driving traffic to a website, they are also expensive and an ongoing cost. The Tamar 2008 Search Attitude report showed that 91% of survey respondents stated that they preferred natural search results while looking to buy a product or service online. Our search engine experts can ensure that over time, you rank high!

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Using Social Media Marketing (SMM) can enable your business to reach more customers. If implemented correctly, marketing with social media can bring remarkable success to your business!

Did you know that customers are 9 times more likely to choose a business with a professional, domain based email address?

With a memorable, domain-based email account, you’ll be promoting your company with every email you send!

Since Google has unleashed their newest major algorithm update, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), now goes hand in hand with responsiveness. Brainiac Web Designs only practices the highest quality, white hat SEO methods!